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Now is the Best Time to Buy Real Estate in Lafyette & West Lafayette, Indiana!

Published 05 February 09 05:42 PM | THE STARS 

The facts are this...BUYING NOW:    
The best opportunity seen in decades!

1.  For the first time in over 25 years, Lafayette & West Lafayette Indiana have an ample supply of
quality homes & properties combined with low interest rates.  Most corrections in our history have been
led by an increase in rates.  Now you can buy the home of your dreams and get record low rates.

2.  Sellers will negotiate.  They may not have dropped list prices to where they need to be, so many
will be negotiable.  Also, remember sellers want to take advantage of the same buying opportunities
you are, so they are motivated to relocate.  Now is a great time to present offers!

3.  Appreciation rates for the Tippecanoe County market mapped for the last 30 years shows that Real
Estate is an absolute winner with a 30 year history to prove it.

4.  Rates: failure to act on today's low rates might end up being the most expensive mistake a potential
buyer makes.

5. Tippecanoe County has an unemployment rate below the national average with a shortage of skilled
labor to fill the need.

6.  Purdue University.  According to BUSINESS WEEK, College towns are holding their weight in
Real Estate!  The student enrollment has gone up, which has also caused the rents to soar. 
This is a great reason to purchase property on or around the campus!

7.  Finally, when you look at the first time home-buyer market in Lafayette & West Lafayette Indiana
and show a rent versus scenario that takes into account tax deduction, amortization, and appreciation
against rent rates that inflate over time and the meager return on a saved down payment, the value of
owning far exceeds renting.

The bottom line:  We need to stop listening to the national media and pay attention to the local facts!
Read this quote below:
"The goal of owning a home seems to be getting beyond the reach of more & more Americans. 
The typical house today costs about $28,000."
-Business Week 1969

The national media is scaring the market but these procrastinators of doom are simply un-educated
to the realities of local Lafayette, West Lafayette, and Tippecanoe County Real Estate and the
economic value of taking advantage of the best buying market ever.

Finally, a key point - If the worst time to buy was 2005 at the peak of the "sellers" market, isn't
it reasonable that the best time to buy is at the peak of this "buyers" market when inventory is
high, rates are extremely low, and sellers are motivated?

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